Countdown to Sand

Some days I just don’t know what to blog about. Some days don’t turn out to be fashionista days. Today is one of them…already. Too early for kids to be fighting, email to be crashing.
I’m going to have to focus on sand.
Usually I hate having sand all over me…right now I’m thinking of how good it would feel to lie down on the hot sand on Miami Beach.
After that, I’ll stroll over to Ocean Drive and do some window shopping, maybe even slip in to a few boutiques and get so crazy that my credit card company calls to make sure someone didn’t steal my card. 🙂
Ahhhh….now I’m feeling better. (note to self to bring extra credit card)
I’ve got the camera battery charged to take lots of photos and videos for you.
If I haven’t tossed this damn laptop out the window, I’ll have it with me to keep posting blogs this week and hopefully give you a peek at the Miami fashion scene.
I’m sure My Michelle (the detail guru) has her typed and printed list of what to pack, so I’m going to buzz her and see if I can copy that list.
I’ve got the mini bottles of X-Rated Fusion Vodka for making our on-plane drinks and toasting to my first girls’ trip. So my job is done. 🙂
This is the KC Fashionista signing out from the Midwest. Next blog I’ll be the Miami Fashionista!
(p.s. I have 35 tickets on me for the Dec. 4th event, available only thru online purchase. The vendors each started with 5, except Two Chic Blvd. who had 10. So check with them if you want to buy tickets other than online)

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  1. Michelle
    November 14, 2007 at 9:31 am

    OK – yes I do have a typed and printed list – but here is the problem. I have so many fabulous outfits from our Haute Market vendors, that I can’t decide which ones to wear!!

    I will be in my closet for hours, mixing & matching, until I find just the right outfits. And then, I will still bring at least 2 extra. You never know – I may spill my drink on the plane with all of Jennifer’s yahooing!!

    I need at least a week in Miami to show off all my fabulous clothes from Haute Market. I think that is a perfectly good reason to extend the trip!!

    Happy Birthday, girl!! I love you!!

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