On The Road Again

I don’t get to travel a lot having such young kids, and I’ve NEVER been on a girls weekend. So I am totally thrilled to be going to Miami this week with My Michelle. (You know…the one who does all the work at the events so that I can have fun?) I have to refer to her as My Michelle, because one of my fave vendors is also a Michelle, Michelle of All Things Beaded, so when we talk about them behind their backs 😉 we need to know who is who.

My Michelle and I are going to Miami this week to check out another party program – the one that inspired me to start Haute Market – and to celebrate my b-day.

My first girls weekend EVER and it’s on the BEACH! Yahoo. Hmm…better stop with the yahoo-ing so it won’t be so obvious that we’re tourists from the Midwest. Probably will be obvious since I’ll have no trace of a tan.

This week I am researching travel tips. All these new rules and regulations about what you can bring on the plane have me concerned. I need to know that we can bring our ingredients to make Mimosas. We’re flying out at 7am and I think the occasion calls for a drink!

Feel free to post or email your travel tips here.
I can’t wait to scope out all the Miami fashions and share them with you, my loyal fashionistas!