Fun Fashion from South Beach

We managed to do a little bit of shopping in South Beach last week and wanted to show off our favorites. Stumbling upon a fun little boutique turned out to be quite a good time. Especially when the sales clerk is a cute young man from some where in the Carribean telling you that you look great in everything you try on! And for some reason the store had two cages with the most adorable puppies inside. I guess it was bring your pet to work day.

Michelle found this great top that cinches slightly at the waist with a stylist black belt, buttons up the front and is the most amazing color of purple – “the color of the season” (our cute boy kept reminding us).

I found only this simple little shrug and upon asking what it was made of, our cute boy-clerk didn’t miss a beat when he said “puppy”. I thought I would pee my pants! So Cruella DeVille I must be, for I bought the “puppy shrug” and it was all I could do to not ask the rest of the cute internationals we encountered if they wanted to pet my puppy. Instead My Michelle and I giggled every time someone commented on it and asked what it was made of…laughing to the point of hysterics. And that was pretty much how the rest of the night went in South Beach.

And if you want to stay awake in order to party ’til dawn like the locals, I suggest a Cherry Bomb: a very large daiquiri glass filled with several shots of cherry vodka, Red Bull and probably some other stuff but I couldn’t recall on account of being high on Red Bull. Dancing machine I was…sleepy I was not.

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