No Place Like Home!

Dorothy hit it on the nose with that one.
I am so glad to be home. Miami is nice in that the weather is gorgeous and the beach is amazing, but at lot of it I could do without.
The drivers are certifiably insane. Someone is always honking at another, running reds and cutting one another off. Makes getting anywhere such a feat, and a miracle to do it in one piece.

I love our clean streets, smooth roads and the gentle beep-beep someone does if I’m still day dreaming (or yelling at the kids) when the light turns green.

I will miss the warm sand and cool ocean breeze. That’s for sure. The outdoor cafes are also something I’ll miss. Walking down the sidewalk on Ocean Drive takes you, literally, thru the middle of the restaurant seating and right next to amazing displays of their delicious platters, all to tempt you to stop and enjoy.

Time did seem to move a little more slowly in South Beach. 10 minutes resting on the hammock felt like an hour.

The shopping in Miami was ok, but really nothing more than we can get here. The shopping party we attended was definitely a let down. I was hoping to get some great tips and ideas. I left with a bit of a swelled head because I was so happy to learn that Haute Market is definitely unique, chic and full of great vendors. We have it good here gals…in so many ways.

Check out the Haute Market MySpace page for more great pics. Remember to get the hottest ticket in town this week – the Dec. 4th Holiday VIP shopping party is about a dozen tickets away from being sold out!