Sales and Silliness

The early bird gets the worm today. I just heard about a sale this Friday and I am SO mad that I won’t be here for it!

Two Chic Blvd. is having a sale this Friday from 10am to 3pm and if you’ve not been there when there is a sale…trust me…you don’t want to miss this.
It’s not just clothes either. For the holidays they have stocked up on loads of gift items!
jennyLou Spa body butters and chill pill bath fizzies are currently available at their store and have discounted prices if you by multiples! Every gal on your list needs a body butter!
Girly Cocktails are a new line of drink mixes that you also need to pick up for your girlfriends.
Of course there are plenty of great new items for you, my pretty fashionistas. MEK jeans just arrived, great jackets with faux fur trim…all the rage this season, and so much more.
AND…Two Chic Blvd. has tickets for the Dec. 4th VIP shopping party. Get yours now. We’re just about sold out here at Haute Market central.

Ok, now for the silliness…My Michelle has a new work out plan for you. Get some new shoes from Two Chic this Friday…make sure they have a decent heel height…then go walk about 5 miles. Helps if you pretend you’re in South Beach. Of course you may stop to shop while on your work out. Guaranteed to make you burn the next day. Between the two of us, after walking like that, were were some hunka hunka burning loves the next day. Of course now we’re back to being spoiled Midwest girls who walk no where and drive everywhere. Yes, even to the mail box occasionally. We sure have it easy here. 🙂