Mi Miami!

We’re here, we’re here! The beach is literally just a few paces out the back of our hotel. I have a feeling this is going to be a good trip my friends.
My Michelle is having a Bloody Mary and is so bloody tickled about it. That and all the hot bods jogging on the boardwalk right behind us!
I’m ready for shopping and lots of research so we can write off the trip and send you lots of fun photos.
Yikes…speaking of hot bods and photos…a photo shoot is going on right now and ooh la la….I can’t concentrate enough to type. Gotta go.
Once our room is ready we’ll get some photos downloaded for you.
Tonight we check out the big shopping party and tomorrow is massages and shopping.
Catch ya later Midwest gals!
This is your Miami Fashionista, signing out!

photo of the view from our room. Uh huh…that’s the ocean out there!
And one very bad photo of us after rolling out of bed and getting on a plane for 3 hrs…but at least we have palm trees! 🙂