Hey Bookworm

My friends ask me all the time “how do you have time to read?”. I wonder how people can NOT read. It’s my only escape and usually the only way I can fall asleep. I have a treasure trove of books and have to hire a moving van to take them into the book store to trade (I LOVE that concept!).

If you know me a bit, you know I can’t NOT buy a Janet Evanovich book. Even if it’s one of the old one’s they re-released and I know it’s going to be crap…I’ll still read it because it’s better than nothing. Her humor is right up my alley – a bit off, and sometimes politically incorrect.

The Stephanie Plum novels make me laugh out loud. The last one, Lean Mean Thirteen, was no disappointment. Still up to her hilarious foul-ups and back in sexy man, Ranger’s, apartment because she has to hide out from someone who is out to get her, again. Pick up anyone of the Stephanie Plum novels you find. You don’t have to read them in order, but it is more fun that way.

My latest read, Vanishing Acts, was fantastic. I read it all last weekend because I could not stand to put it down. Author, Jodi Picoult, has an amazing way of telling the story through the eyes/voices of 4 different characters. She pulls you in, wraps you up in her engaging style and doesn’t let you go. This story is an amazing tale of being lost, being found and what you find along the way. Truly fantastic, as are most of the books I’ve read by this author. I’ve already picked up two more of her novels.

Now you have a few great reads to pick up and curl up with this weekend. Enjoy!