Meet The Mavens

It’s time to meet more of the Haute Market mavens who will be bringing the chic fashions and latest trends to you at the next shopping party.

If you want fun and fashionable clothing at a reasonable price, visit Frankie & Jules. I love that the are a range of sizes and fits for every body. Frankie & Jules has a top for almost any occassion and a price range that fits my bargain-style.

I recently bought this top, which we featured on our Haute Market fashion show on KC Live a while back. Lightweight to wear now, plus will carry you thru the Fall. Be sure to stop by the

Another fab product is the Lano Company’s line of lip balms, massage oil candles and, soon to be released, lip scrub. I love the LanoLight Lumière de l’Amour, accentuated by Roman chamomile, patchouli, eucalyptus and lemongrass oils to stimulate the senses and provide powerful aromatherapy benefits.