Creature Comforts

Sometimes we don’t know how good we’ve got it until something until one of our everyday conveniences is gone. For me, that’s my air conditioner. There are a lot of things I could do without. I would be cranky, but I could forego my daily pot of coffee, my hair spray, my occassional nightcap, even TV. Take away my a/c and there’s going to be a fight.

(Here is where I pimp out a friend:)
I have been dealing with Mechanical Services for almost 10 years. If you ever have anything wrong with your heating or cooling, this is who you should call. (677-2226) Cliff, the owner, is just one of the best darn human beings I know. I can’t hurt that he reminds me a bit of my grandpa. 😉

We’ve known for about a week that the a/c isn’t at peak performance. Monday, Cliff called me and gave me another price quote for a less expensive a/c, then proceeded to talk me out of buying the more expensive a/c that I wanted and told me to try tinting my windows first. What kind of businessman talks you out of a $4000 sale and into a $0 sale? An honest one. That’s Cliff.
I told him I’d think it over and maybe we’d see if we could get through the summer on our clunker.

Yesterday at about 4pm, right when the sun starts baking my kitchen (that’s the only thing ever baking in here), the a/c goes out. I panic, call Cliff, and start thinking of hotels I can stay in with my three boys…to add to my panic, hubby is out of town. Long story short, they check it out, give me an option to fix for about $500 and get me through the summer. I opt for the new a/c.
I can tell that they feel bad for me. That’s just how these guys are. For years they have kept my family safe, cleaning our furnace every year. Cliff is one of the “good guys”. The least I can do is tell everyone I know about him and support his business. Cliff: 677-2226

I’m heading out with the kids and the computer to find anyplace cooler than my house, which shouldn’t be difficult to find. I can’t wait to come home this afternoon to a new a/c and a cool, comfie house!