Wrinkle Reducer

I find myself squinting from the sun throughout the day, made worse now that the days are longer. It occurred to me that each time I squint, I make deeper those two little lines between my eyebrows. Oh no! Not to say that scowling at my boys as they run through the house terrorizing each other doesn’t also make those lines more like chasms – it’s just that I don’t have a solution to that situation as shipping them off to their grandparents overseas was already voted down by said grandparents and hubby. (Chickens)

I do, however, have a non-surgical, non-putting gooey stuff on your face, plan of attack. Sunglasses. Well duh, right? Not only are sunglasses a fabulous accessory, they are fighting my signs of aging (and signs that I have 3 very young, very energetic, very busy boys).

I cannot afford, and would never risk, having this totally chic pair of rhinestone, cats-eye sunglasses by FrancisKlein. Not only would the $700 price tag set me back and keep me from buying anything else for months…but the previously mentioned little people in the house would have them destroyed by playing catch with them (keep-away from baby brother) or my favorite, putting the sunglasses on their butts and then wiggling back and forth. It’s quite hilarious with a $10 pair of sunglasses.

Under $20 is more my style of sunglasses. There are loads of fabulous sunglasses in this price range and we’ll have some at the next Haute Market. They’ll be clearanced at just $10 each. Get there and grab yours. Feel free to show us pictures of your fab finds! I have to go wipe the banana of my Louis Vuitton look-alikes now.

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