Happy Feet

I only watched some of the movie, so I’m not doing a review. It reminded me to get on my soap box and remind you girls to take the earliest opportunity you have to get your feet in a glorious state of happiness. If I see another funky foot in sandals I think I’ll start handing out fines.

Ooh, that reminds me – where is everyone getting their cute sandals lately? I tried “tar-jay”…nothing chic and comfy for me there. I think I’d better take my seasonal trip to DSW. I love that place! (No, they are not paying me to say that)

I don’t recall ever NOT finding a pair of faboo shoes on a trip to DSW. Of course I’m on their rewards program. Sadly, their web site does not show current inventory. That settles it. My duty as your Fashion Maven MUST be fulfilled. I will drag my two little monsters to DSW this morning, find some fab shoes and post a photo of my find.

Ooh…and another thought. (my adult ADHD is showing, huh?) I have the most fabulous pair of sandals I got as a demo pair from Mohop Shoes, out of Chicago. Annie Mohaupt hand crafts these shoes and they are FAB! Check out her site and tell me what you think. I think I should carry these at the Haute Market events!

Send me your comments and maybe we can get Mohop shoes in KC!