Guy Gifts

A friend asked me, just the other day, how I still find gifts for my hubby after all these years. I must admit, I first leave it to the last minute, because unlike most women, I forget our anniversary – I have an good excuse, but it’s a long story. Anyway…
I directed my gal pal to the Wine Enthusiast site because our hubby’s both love wine and especially the cool refrigeration systems.
I opted for a cheaper price range and found this nifty gift. Cork Pops Legacy Wine Bottle Opener . No more busting the cork and sloppiness. Just pierce and press. He’ll love it, and you’ll get your wine just a bit more quickly and with no cork bits floating around!

This next idea has an alterior motive. Guys usually stick to one cologne their entire lives so it’s not so hard for them to just go online and buy a new bottle. So a gift certificate to Perfume Emporium online is an easy one. Here is the “motive” part. If he forgets he has the certificate and it lies around the house for 6 months or so, he’ll not notice when it disappears completely and you turn up with a new bottle of perfume. Aren’t I wicked? No, that’s resourceful.