Sandal Saga

The shoe store, my Mecca. I made it to DSW last week as promised, and, of course, bought more shoes. Which is exactly what my hubby said when he came home to the big bag sitting in the middle of the floor (Oops, I usually remember to hide it).
More shoes?!?” he exclaimed?
“Yes, but these were a great deal AND so so so cute on me!”
I pulled out my high heeled numbers with some sassy beaded embellishments, grinning with pride.
He says to me, “Don’t you have a green pair just like it in the top of the closet?”
“Um, do I?” “Oh yeah…but they are green….what is your point?”
I have to give him credit for having a better shoe memory than I do. But still! What exactly is his point? These are pink with white and black beaded designs. Those have a plain green strap and a higher, chunkier heel. Duh.
Guys don’t get it. Girls must accessories.
They have a pair of brown shoes, a pair of black shoes, and some running shoes. That is all they need, therefore they try to impose this ridiculous non-accessorizing rule on us girls. They just don’t get why each month we need to have the hottest new top, sassy shoes and jewelry/handbags to coordinate.
This is why Haute Market happens 5 times a year. Just enough time goes by that he’ll have forgotten your last shopping party excursion. You will come home with such hot new goodies that he’ll be excited to see how great you look in all your new clothes and accessories.

Speaking of which, make sure you get tickets this week. I’m nearly out here ad Haute Market central. The Wine Bar has a handful and all of our vendors were given a few. Tickets will NOT be sold at the door. Get yours today.

Also, make sure you make the Fashion 411 your home page. You don’t want to miss the big announcements I’ll make this week!
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