Do Something X-Rated

It’s only two weeks away! The Spring Fashion Fling is Tuesday, April 24th and we are inviting only 200 guests! Do you have your tickets? If not, get them today. I’m running low here at Haute Market Central so get moving if you want to order online.

Perks of the party:
~FREE makeover’s by COLOROOM
~FREE samples of X-Rated Fusion liqueur
~FREE samples of Mad Housewife wines
~Discounted shopping
~Speak with the Bella Skin Professionals about hair removal just in time for swimsuit season!
~Free Spring hair cut consultation – find out which new look is right for you.
~Complimentary hors de’voures

Other ticket locations –
The Wine Bar, 135th & State Line
The Girls’ Wearhouse, 162nd & Metcalf
Also available from any of the vendors in the show.
More info:
The Event, The Scoop, The Tickets, The Vendors

Coming this week on the blog…Two fabulous announcements:
A super moving sale with huge discounts
A makeover will be done on one lucky local Diva, worth over $7000 in prizes!!