It’s Chrissy!

National chain hires new (and slightly stoned) buyer for women’s fashions:

I was strolling through “tar-jay” last night then WHAM…I was thrown back to the seventies as right there in front of me was surely the same yellow, terry cloth one-piece that Chrissy and Janet wore on Three’s Company.

I know it’s hard for designers to constantly come up with new and innovative designs, and that they often look to the past to inspire future looks…but come ON. Do we really need to relive the 70’s or 80’s? Yuck.

Where exactly did the inspiration for this disaster come from? Maybe they had a buyers retreat. They were told to dig up something they still owned from the 70’s to help inspire them on their 3-day design workshop.
You know how you take out a coat from storage and find a rolled up $20 bill inside? I think they found something else rolled up in a pocket of an old pair of short-shorts, then decided it would be a good idea to smoke it – as if it, like wine, gets better with age.

There are so many cute cover-ups this season that it is not necessary to be a Three’s Company cast look-alike. The moral for this story…few things get better with age, wine is one of them. Even Suzanne Sommers. But rompers and onezies are for babies and toddlers.