Vulgar Vogue

Today I picked up some essentials…a bag of ice melt and the January Vogue issue. I usually flip quckly through the first 50 pages of ads searchng for some useful text or hint of what I should wear next spring. So I begin my usual flip when..WHAM, tighty-whities. Oh no…not the bad kind…these look good. Then I look closer (oh shut up…you will too) and WHAM…nudity. That boys’ buns are showing. I barely noticed who the ad is for and I have no idea what their spring collection is about.

I finally tear myself from the two page ad and continue on my journey. After an hour of flipping and occasional reading, I still don’t know what I’m supposed to wear this spring. I’ve been visually assaulted by Vogue. It’s either huge photos of something none of us normal chicks would wear on our way to the grocery store, or a page crammed with so many photos I can’t even focus.

Though I did read a wonderful article about Angelia Jolie and I dislike her a lot less now that she’s a busy mom of three, like me. Ok, not quite like me…after all, I don’t drive a motorcycle nor a single-prop plane.

Thank goodness our resident Fashionista starts work in just a few days. If I run across any more naked adverts, I’m never going to get my fashion research finished!

Check back tomorrow to see what is in store this week!