Welcome to Suburban Catwalk (formerly part of the Haute Weekly online mag).

There are fashion blogs. There are beauty blogs. Many seem to be run by young girls who live on ramen noodles and find that dressing in the cheapest clothes possible (ie forever 21) is stylish and fun.  Not this gal.  (read more)

I am a fashionistas AND a busy mom. I don’t have time to hunt the world over for a $5 top that will wear once, be washed, and ruin. Do you? I’d rather spend $40-60 on a top from my locally owned boutique, or find a fabulous designer dress that fits like a dream and can be a $300 investment piece (ie DVF) that I’ll wear for years to come, maybe pass on to a lucky girlfriend (right Sarah?).

We don’t need 15 ways to tie a scarf (three will do). We don’t need $1500 shoes (though I will post on occasion because eye candy is good for the soul).  We need someone our age to help us get a bit of sass back in our steps. To tell us which wrinkle cream works best having come from the experience of actually having wrinkles.

Well, Suburban Catwalk is here for you girlfriend.  Enjoy the read.  Post comments.  Share with friends.  And for gods sake…throw a little lipstick on once in a while and get those baggy jeans altered to fit that hot ass of yours.  Prepare to get some sass back baby.

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