Tips for wide set eyes

eye drawingThanks to our guest beauty contributor, Wendy, for these great tips and more to come!

1) For a wide set eye, apply lighter shadow all over for the base and then add a darker shade in the inner corner of the eye.  The darker shade will draw other people’s eye to the middle of your face giving the illusion of less space between your eyes.


2) As you line your eye, fade the outer portion of the line to the outer corner of the eye.  Again, darker toward the middle.


3) Wear more mascara in the inner section of eyelashes.


Remember these handy tips ,just for the wide set eyes.  Let me know if you try it with success!

thanks again Wendy!

p.s. that drawing is mine so don’t be dissing Wendy for it.  I’m not an artist, obviously…so don’t bother pointing out what I already know.  😉 jennifer