What’s fashionable and beautiful about bravery?

Female rock climber reaching the summit. As I start typing I have a lot of thoughts in my head and know what I want to convey to you but I’m not sure how to do it.  I’ve wanted to change things up a bit here at Haute Weekly but doing so takes bravery that I don’t quite have yet.  It has to do with putting yourself out there.  That’s a scary thing.  In industries like fashion and beauty flaws are watched for, slammed, trashed and stomped on.  What kind of place is that for a person with low self esteem?  It’s not, you’d think.  But here we are.  You and me together.  I’m guessing you have confidence issues too.  Who doesn’t?!?  That’s life.

I’m trying to add a new section to Haute Weekly that I hope you will like.  I get a bit more brave about it every day.  But putting oneself out there is exposing ones vulnerability and that’s scary.

I want to share with you something that I witnessed and learned last night from none other than…pre-teens and teens.  At my sons middle school choir performance last night I witnessed about two dozen acts of vulnerability and bravery that astounded me.  Kids getting up on stage in front of family and peers to sing solos and duets…often with no music to accompany them!  Just their voice and a microphone.   I mean really…a show of hands here…who things being a teen sucked?  Yes, exactly..that’s a lot of hands.  Now imagine yourself getting on stage to sing to a silent room with a maturing voice that might crack at any given moment…..with hair that just would’t curl the way you wanted it too….with the confidence of a teenager. Yikes.

What was even more beautiful is when a beat got going that made the audience start clapping along…and that child singing suddenly went from stony-faced to lit up and really taking a deep breath to belt out that song.  It was like seeing someone’s aura brighten around them.  Imagine how that must have felt for that teen to get that little confidence boost!  We all need it.  We all crave to be acknowledged.

My 7 yr old was sitting next to me and at one point said, “that one wasn’t very good.”  I responded, “but wow wasn’t she brave to get up there and sing?”.  He agreed.

What little step of bravery will you do today?  Will you throw on that scarf that you thought was too bright and colorful?  Will you belt out a tune on a stage?  Whatever it is…I encourage you to try.  Then…take that piece of encouragement that I loaned to you and pass it on.  Tell a kid how smart he is, how well she plays her flute.

Pass on the bravery because that is so dang beautiful.

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