Three quick and easy makeup tips you will love

white eye liner


White liner can make the eye bigger.  If you apply on the top of the lower lid, above lash line, it appears to open and brighten the eye area.  It’s a neat trick.  Also, you can add a little white shadow right under the brow and then to the inner corner of the eye.  Just a bit.  It works!


Before you apply any products. Be sure to have a clean face. It’s important to cleanse at the end of the day to get rid of dirt , pollution and make-up residue. Once face is clean and pat dry you can start to apply your nightly routine. This is a very important step!  Makes a big difference in skin luminosity and how well your makeup will stay on!


Quick shiny gloss trick: shave a bit of shadow, or illuminator if you prefer shine, and mix with Vaseline. Apply to lips.

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