LA Bound – what’s in my beauty bag

makeup bag The beauty bag used to be larger than my computer bag.  Thanks to years of travels to fashion week and figuring out what I can get by without, I can travel smarter and lighter.  However this is an L.A. trip to a conference of fashion and beauty blogging peers – so no holds barred!

Before you travel, look around stores for sample and travel size items. I love the new Jergens self-tanning moisturizer and it’s little travel size container.  It will only last a few days but that’s all one needs for a quick biz trip.

Face wipes versus face wash.  I have this giant fear that some liquid beauty product will expand and explode while it’s being tossed around in the plane storage area, ruining all my carefully planned outfits.  Most items I now put inside a zip-lock bag.  When I travel I swap out my face wash for wipes.  My fave is Garnier Cleansing Towelettes.

Next we are working on the wrinkles.  Geez when I started blogging many of my peers were going through puberty.  So that I look like I could be the older sister, not the mom….I’m relying on my StriVectin at the moment.  I have a few other products I’m using that have long-term benefits, like OWN eye lift cream.  But StriVectin gives me some immediate gratification I need with the clock counting down. I have a .25 oz sample bottle that I’ve had since July.  The 1.7 oz bottle you can buy at Sephora is $99.  It should last you ages.

However, I’d recommend this kit of smaller size with a few other products. Costs less and you get more variety to find the item that works best for you: StriVectin StriVectin™ Power Trio For Wrinkles

It might cost you a bit more to go get some travel size products, but so does an extra piece of luggage 🙂

What are you traveling with?

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