Brilliant jewelry from British designer, Poppy Porter

Recently I had a new follow on my twitter account, @hauteweekly,  and I’m so glad I noticed and checked out her site!  I am in love with her creations!

Poppy Porter, located NW of London, sculpts jewelry that is not only beautiful, but available at just about any price point.  Rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces ranging from $25 to $450.  Truly music to my ears (and decor for them too).

The earrings pictured above caught my eye right away.  Poppy’s signature fan design is made with titanium to be lightweight yet durable.  Read the description as it’s truly amazing how they are made.

Of course my favorite would be at the top of the price range but who cannot love this unique piece?  The thought, time and talent that goes into each of her creations is stunning.

Perfectly beautiful pieces can be found in the $20 range and gives every girl the opportunity to own a Poppy Porter piece!

Visit the site and let us know what piece you love!