The coffee cup conundrum

Often companies send samples for me to review, new products come on to the shelves in stores, and ads holler at me from every place I look.  They want me to try something new and hopefully change my mind.

Today I grabbed for my coffee cup, same one as usual.  Our coffee cup collection is as diverse as a makeup aisle.  All shapes, sizes and colors.  Yet I choose the same one every day.  Much like we reach for the same makeup on the shelf, the same nail polish color, same shampoo.  I get new coffee cups once in a while.  Something cute or a small token from a trip.  But still I end up grabbing for the same plain white cup.

So today I speak to the business owners large and small…if you want me to change products I use, or which stores I visit…you must give me good reason.    What reason are you giving people to try something new?  How are you going to cut through the clutter and make your product stand out on the shelf?  Never stop trying something new to bring in new customers and loyal followers.  Be unique and be true to your claims.  Start with the customers and followers you have.  Reward them and thank them.  Ask them for referrals.  You don’t have to scream, just remind us you are there and appreciate us.

For the rest of us…let’s grab a different coffee cup tomorrow 🙂