How’ve you been?

I’ve been away a few days, which turned into a few more.   Sometimes we need to step back and view the course we are on to make sure it’s still the right one.  I don’t know whether mine is right or wrong, but I knew I’d better get my arse moving so here I am.

I’ve committed some fashion crimes recently that astound me still.  Not crimes by most peoples standards, but for me I have set particular standards in some ridiculous areas.  So it was no surprise that when I failed I didn’t selfcombust or even get a slap on the wrist from my fashion idols.

I wore a sloppy pair of flip flops off my property, out in public.  They are my “yard flips” but I wore them to a store for quick errand.  I promptly pulled out a shiny new pair of Lindsay Phillips flips and forgave myself.  Still I will only wear flips for certain occasions and NEVER to a wedding, dinner, cocktail hour, etc.

The second slip turned into a third.  I went to Kohl’s, and shopped and purchased…twice in one week.  Now don’t get all “you’re such a snobby bitch what’s wrong with Kohl’s?” on me.  I despise their couponing schemes which have trained even the most seasoned shoppers into coupon whores who become blind to the fact that paying ticket price is a fine thing to do if the product is worth it.  Own a store for a while or talk to some other store owners and you’ll see my point clearly.  While JCPenney on the other hand seems to be winning me over with their new pricing push.  A story for another day….

Kohl’s is close by and I thought maybe in their hell-hole of crammed racks, misplaced items and stupid sales I might find suitable shorts to wear to the already sweltering hot baseball games.  I did.  Then I went back for another.  However I realized on my second trip that the first cargo-short type pair really do look sloppy so I opted for a pair that actually had a nice hem and everything.  What happened at check out could have been embarrassing but no one was paying attention because they were being told how much they SAVED!  I laughed out loud.  Snickered really and made a weird noise more like a guffaw.

Oh yes…one lady saved $150 dollars!  I’m sorry, you didn’t SAVE anything because you spent money regardless and in that heap you have I’ll wager that half falls apart or gets returned because you only bought it on for the sale price.  I fell for it too.  I know yellow is not my color but I thought I’d try the golden yellow top and heck, it was only $14.99.  My hubby raised an eyebrow when I returned.  It’s going back tomorrow.  Yellow is not my color no matter what the price.  Understood.

I also wore a tank top to a baseball game which I learned later that my bra strap showed.  I do apologize but since MY ass wasn’t the one hanging out of her shorts I don’t think anyone noticed me. 😉

So think before you buy, and please buy from locally owned when you can, but do think. Don’t get sucked in to the games and percentages and “come back to save $5” coupons.  Because otherwise you’ll just be wearing yellow too.