Tim Gunn gives it to the ladies of KC

I had the best afternoon a few days ago spending a little time back stage with Tim Gunn, the models and the crew for the Kate Spade & Lucky Brand fashion show in Kansas City.   To work a show rather than put on the show, was quite a treat for me.  Especially to sit back and listen to the chatter and as always when around Tim, learn a lot.

If you have never enjoyed a fashion show with Tim Gunn as host, you truly are missing out on some of the best fashion education you can hear.  Most fashion shows are for entertainment and showing the next seasons’ looks.  When Tim is in town a show becomes more interactive and fun. 

Each look that went out on the runway was not only described by Mr. Gunn, but he gave tips on how to wear depending on your height or shape.   He breaks it down, makes it simple, yet doesn’t come across as talking down to the audience. 

I’ve seen Tim in action many times on stage, but it was backstage that I was truly surprised…Tim asked most of the dressers and crew their names.  Of course in the Midwest this is just being cordial…but having been backstage in the big shows and around other celebs…taking time to “meet the help” is not norm.  So thank you Tim, for a lovely show and your graciousness as always.  You truly are a gem.  And when I overheard you saying someone’s shoes were cute, I didn’t want to turn around and assume, so I’m going to pretend it was my color-block shoes you loved 😉  I just kept on steaming clothes and doing my thing.  😉