Magazine shoot today!

I’ve been running around the metro for two weeks trying to find great pastel items for today’s shoot.  It has not been easy because it seems that Kansas City women FINALLY crave color!  So the challenge was definitely a good one but I’m going to pull it off.

It’s an ego boost to have someone ask you to be the stylist, but stressful all the same.  I feel like I only figured out how to dress myself about a year ago, and still learning!

Today’s models are three of Kansas City’s hot celebrity moms!  I’ll dish about them later but I’ll hint that one has a videographer filming our behind-the-scenes action for their news cast! 🙂  Stress-o-meter goes up up up!  But if there is one group I can dress it’s Hot Mamas!  It’s not easy when your shape fluctuates post-baby, but with the right clothes (and fab shoes) every mom can be a hottie!

One of my fave finds this week that I hope to get one of my gals to wear is the big floppy hat.  You MUST have a hat this year!  Not only is it great for extra sun protection but it is fabulously fashionable!  I got this blue one at Target for $14.99.  For that price you should get a white one too.  No more ball caps ladies! It’s floppy hat season!  Who is with me?!?

Here are a few of the pieces I’ll be working into our shoot today: