Fashion Secret: comfort in heels

Unless you’ve been under a rock (if you have darling, welcome out) then you know I adore towering high heels.  Usually the platform variety.

How do you wear those shoes?” I’m often asked.  Rather than being the normal smart ass I am and saying something like “i put one on my left foot and one on my right“….I just divulge one of my many fashion secrets: cushioned pads, gel pads…whatever it takes to keep walking that catwalk of life being 4 inches taller.

Here is a bit about one of the brands I adore in hopes that you too can tower above very soon:

A California based company, Foot Petals, proudly manufactures, sells and distributes in the United States.

The cushions are made from a high performance urethane called Poron. Poron repels moisture, bacteria and odor, absorbs shock, and is available in colors that blend with the style of shoes. Unlike other cushion materials Poron keeps its shape and once placed in shoe, will last the lifetime of the shoe.

I love the Stiletto Stylist kit (photo above).  Available in nude or black color sets, $44.95.  I still have a few of the pieces left but for the most part I have used all the styles in this kit and love it.

What’s so great about them?  Besides the clever designs and styles?

• Keeps foot properly positioned
• Cushions and comforts foot
• Prevents calluses from forming
• Protects bones and tissue

American Podiatric Medical Association has given their Seal of Acceptance to all Foot Petals cushions.  Made in the U.S.A.!

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