What I have in common with Joyce Azria

A few days ago Joyce Azria replied to one of my tweets.  Actually she replied, I replied, then she replied AGAIN.  To say I was giddy was an understatement.  That’s like saying I washed my cheek after her dad (Max Azria) kissed my cheek TWICE.  Yes, I have a thing for the Azria’s.  They have such a big family, surely I wouldn’t be an intrusion. 😉

But as famous as they are I am equally infamous.  However I could teach that Joyce a thing or two.  Actually two things… it was two words: finger-combing.  Poor Joyce probably has to look like a 10 at all times.  I fear having someone I know see me at Walgreens at 8am before I have even showered, and if I’m lucky I’ve remembered to at least finger-comb my hair.  Joyce has to worry that someone will snap her photo everywhere she goes.

So it’s a bit different, but still the same.  We are all worried about how we look.   And for those of you who say “oh looks shouldn’t matter, we’re all beautiful on the inside”blah blah blah…I say “liar liar, Prada’s on fire”.   Don’t be silly, go shave your legs and put on some makeup.

It matters.  I probably shouldn’t matter what others think.  But if you think you don’t look good, well then, you won’t.  You won’t have that skip in your step, that glow to your face.  When you take that extra few minutes to fix the hair a bit, dab on some mascara and lipstick…you at least tried.  And then for those days when you really take the time and someone says to you “wow you look pretty”, you can use my line and say honestly…”thanks, I washed my hair”.

me, Max and Megan