Pastel color blocking – breaking it down

Say the phrase “color block” to most of my friends and they think I’m referring to a childs’ toy.  This style term has many matchy-matchers running for cover but it’s really not that difficult.  Try starting with pastels and work your way up to the brighter colors once you have the hang of it.

For example:

Two types of peasant style tops from Target.  Both under $20.  Go safe with denim shorts for the green, or khaki shorts for the chambray…or try yellow! has these Ralph Lauren crop pants for $89.50.    Shown here with a blue top and white blazer.  Pair the pants with either top above.  A blazer will finish the look nicely.  Or a scarf.  Just keep it simple at first.

Personally I like  to mix the pastel at the dark like the Nordie’s photo because I won’t have to worry that I did it wrong and now look like an Easter Egg.  One day when you’re feeling good, just make a trip to a store and grab a bunch of different solids and have some fun mixing and matching in the dressing room.  Practice makes perfect!

What colors will you try mixing?  Need help?  Drop a line and let me know!