Affordable my a$$ Posh

I think it’s hysterical and slightly unnerving to see splashed about the ‘net this chatter about Victoria Beckham’s new more affordable line.  Seriously?  This head-up-your-rich-arse mentality is why no person should become president if he can make around $60K a day without lifting a finger.  I digress.

For the sake of my fashion journalistic integrity I’ll amuse you with this new clothing line anyway since everyone thinks it’s news-worthy.  While expensive, Mrs. Beckham can put out a clothing line with to-die-for craftsmanship.  And realize, my friends, that doesn’t come without a high price tag.  Quality fabrics, cuts and craftsmanship are what set luxury lines apart from the others.

Yet again, I have to bring up a negative point….other than fabulously made and featuring some luscious fabrics….many of the new pieces are frumpy and look good on no one but the former spice girl.  I won’t be caught dead wearing a dress with a wide black scallop print across my middle.  The shape of this piece is dainty at the top then increases in width as you go down.  Yuck. VB declares that she wants to put out a line with less structure and cling for those ladies who want more comfort.  If you want comfort got to target.  Do not spend $500 to $1250 to do so.

I do love this one. Summer wool in cream color. A bit more structure but still not clingy.

More affordable than her other line? Yes. Worth it? No.  Nothing about her lines scream “talented designer”.  I’d rather spend on a beautifully made piece by a tried and true designer, like Von Furstenberg.

Available soon at Net-a-porter.