Keep Summer Rays at Bay

You need a great way to avoid harmful UV rays and we found a great product. Try Doctor T’s Supergoop! sunscreen swipes. Made with SPF 30, these handy wipes are great for everyday use. Just throw one of the small packs in your purse and you are ready to take on the strong summer sun. Supergoop! is available in a variety of forms, including a spray and a stick, but we love the wipes which are convenient to keep in your bag for whenever you need a little protection from the sun.

Supergoop! swipes are ideal for busy moms on-the-go. The sensitive formula is gentle on faces and keeps skin soft and moisturized. The Supergoop! wipe packaging features a resealable sticker, so the wipes will stay fresh and won’t leak in your purse or beach bag.

Supergoop! wipes don’t leave a sticky residue, so you will feel clean and dry. The fragrance-free formula keeps you from smelling like the pool.

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