Summer Smells

If you are looking for a fresh new scent for the summer check out Saffron James Parfums’ new line of Mini Oil Roller Balls. These miniature 9ml bottles are handy for weekend getaways to the lake or trips to the beach.

Saffron James offers the Mini Oil Roller Balls in five unique scents. Each fragrance is based on a variety of native Hawaiian flowers to help you attain a light, summery aroma that isn’t too overwhelming. Throw one in your purse or carry-on to have a great scent on hand anywhere you go.

The roller ball style of these mini perfumes makes applying the scent as easy as putting on lipstick, and it’s easy to control how much you put on, so you know you won’t over do it. Check out all the unique, evocative fragrances at Anthropologie or online at and