Write it…for real

I read something this week about surrounding yourself with people who will nourish you and your business and I thought that would be a good way to look at regarding everyone you hang out with.  Getting rid of the non-nourishers seemed like a pretty swell idea to me, especially with all the new projects I’ve started and with the busier I and my family become.

Then I turned it around to think of a quick and easy way I can return the nourishing and immediately thought of my friend Kari who makes the most fabulous note cards.  Sending out her cards will not only nourish some friends of mine, but nourish Kari’s business.  As a fellow small local biz owner I’m all for that.

So I challenge you to be beautiful and fashionable old-school style and write a few notes this week.  Yes, with a pen on actual paper sent through the actual postal service.  Don’t be scared.  It’s easy and you will feel better for it.

Oh…and Kari made that absolutely adorable and fabulous logo and header graphic you see at the top of our page.  We kinda think she graphically rocks.