Losing it, getting it back.

Somewhere along the way, possibly past the point of kid #2 and giving a crap, my fashion style faded to a point on non-existence.  It came back in fits and bursts but quickly hid under a large rock when #3 came around.
Sound vaguely familiar?
About the time diapers and pull-ups were a thing of the past I am pretty sure I threw a temper tantrum in my mind and said NO MORE!

(perhaps some of that was actually verbal but I also acquired occasional, and somewhat convenient, memory loss)

What in the hell happens to us when we become moms?  Ok, so we’re tired and smell less like Chanel No 5 and more like eau de spit-up….but seriously friends, I’ve researched this and absolutely no where does it say that thou shalt give up all sense of self in exchange for a good parenting medal.  Three kids…still no medals out there to be had.


Now what?

Well for starters…comb your hair.  Thankfully the sleek pony tail look was all over the spring 2011 fashion week runways.  Go with it.

Find or buy a pair of capri jeans that fit, or at least have them altered.  If your hips seem to have spread to another zip code even though your waist obeyed your pleadings and went back to it’s near-original size…have the pants darted in the back.  Yes, they do that.  It’s liberating.

Find or buy a top that shows your figure and doesn’t pull down passed your rear end.

Throw on a scarf, smear on a bit of lipstick and you are suddenly quite easily and quickly presentable.  The kid might cry because he doesn’t recognize you.  Your husband may sweep you off your feet because you’re back.

Baby steps.

It’s ok to look like a hot mom and not just a mom.  You have more titles than that, surely.

Own it baby.

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