Wedding bliss…

I don’t recall having ever written about weddings, wedding dresses or anything about the affair.  But I’ve seen a few dresses that remind me things have come a long way since ages ago when I was looking for the perfect dress.

I partnered with David’s Bridal to look for fashion forward wedding dresses and this is what I found:

The first dress that caught my eye was a plus size dress. I was surprised that it managed to still give a dainty look with a trendy Grecian style. The bodice draws the eye up and elongates the body. Perfect for a curvy girl.

Personally I would lean toward the dramatic because it’s the one day you can and are expected to be the princess (unless you are me and you throw parties so that you can again dress like a princess).

Dramatic and lovely –>

The drop waist creates a long looking torso and the floral appliquéd skirt makes me want to try it on and twirl around. While this dress comes in a dizzying array of sizes it is not for every body type.

This gown takes me to a happy place. The style is simple yet fashion forward. I could show you a hundred tops and dresses with the same neckline.  Good for many body types.  Dainty with its lace.  Beautiful.

While you’re at it, give your Bridesmaids something they can get future use out of.Don’t be a meanie and dress them in some ridiculous frock that they will laugh at 10 years from now when you’re going through your album together.

Pistachio is a nut, not a color that many people can wear well.

This blue floral dress pictured comes in a black and white option – is beautiful and wearable for other uses.

Pewter is a great color for any occasion.  Great to fall back on and glamorous!

The wedding preparations do not need to be dramatic.  Take a breath and pick something.  Only the dress should be dramatic in my humble opinion.

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