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Good news loyal followers, Haute Weekly has the inside scoop on the seasons’ hottest jewelry designers. It appears costume jewelry has definitely made it’s comeback. Not only with young budget conscious trend-setters but also for those who enjoy the finer (a.k.a. more expensive) things in life. In these challenging economic times a resourceful fashionista has to get creative to discover those couture looks for less.

Melinda Maria is accessorizing just about all the gorgeous gals of Hollywood this year.  High School Musical star Ashley Tisdale really shines in Melinda Maria’s mini pod bangles. Vanessa Hudgens and Megan Fox (just to name a few) have also been spotted rocking Melinda Maria earrings, bangles and rings. Melinda Maria designs all of her “works of art” to look expensive, make a statement and at the same time compliment all of the other essential pieces in your collection.

Let’s talk about those to die for hoop earrings (my personal FAVE) from Kara Ackerman designs. I mean really, who doesn’t need a pair of diamond hoop earrings? For those of you, self included, who don’t have an extra few hundred bucks lying around can find fabulous look-a-likes at Nordstrom. According to her website, “Kara Ackerman’s Designs is a line composed of high-end, ready-to-wear pieces including earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and brooches.” Ackerman also created a men’s line called KSA Designs for Men.

Cocktail rings remain to be popular as ever and are not just pieces of costume jewelry anymore. The bigger and more attention-grabbing the better. Ashley’s sizzling snake ring by C. Greene gives her a simple  yet, elegant look with a touch of attitude. Greene’s pieces are the picture of femininity. Flowers are Greene’s main inspiration which she compliments with lots of antique-like gold, pastel pink and who could forget about a girl’s best friend, DIAMONDS!

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