Altered State

Maybe I’m in a state of denial but I refuse to think the economy is so bad that woman has to wear a dress that looks two sizes too big or a skirt that is not the right length for her.  And maybe because I’d stay in rather than face either of the above scenarios doesn’t help either.  There is a solution my fashion-seeking friends!  And a relatively inexpensive one.

Alterations!  If you think everyone else out there is wearing perfectly fitted clothing straight off the rack, you’re so sadly mislead.  I will say that designer clothing is often better fitted than a Superstore $16 item, but still…it’s not a large percentage of the population, so don’t feel bad.  Find a fabulous alterations shop and go crazy. 

Those jeans that gape open in the back and give us an unsolicited peek….have them taken in.  Not only cures the gap, but a tiny extra tightening pulls in the lower abdomen a bit. It’s like a girdle in your denim!  Tops that look shaped more like an A than an hourglass?  Find out if the waist can be brought in just a smidge.  You might find a figure lurking under there!

Two of my faves…

Well Tailor near 143rd & Metcalf in Overland Park, KS. Closest to me and also raved about by my friends at Two Chic Blvd Boutique.

Blu Jeanius in Westwood, KS.  A denim boutique with alterations store attached.  Free alterations on purchases there!