Hey baby – what are you wearing?

Holy hot dogs catwoman…it’s hot out there! What chic outfits are you putting together to look “out together” while staying cool?

Today I’m doing leggings for some moronic reason. Oh yes…no time to shave. But they are cotton and hopefully cool enough for the morning. My top is a lovely French Connection tunic with, what I call, poofy sleeves and of course all in trendy spring colors of blue and some purple. It’s flowing and fab for a day like this.

Open-toe shoes with side cut-outs are a must. Those of you wearing the sandals with no backs that slap, slap, slap your feet as you walk are driving the rest of us bonkers, by the way.

So tell the Haute team what you are wearing to look chic and stay cool. You can even go to our Facebook fan page and post photos of your best outfits!