Fine Print

In the search for longer lashes, less facial lines and slimmer thighs one could run into a lot of misleading photos and claims. Lately I’ve been noticing it everywhere. Reminds me of my hubby and his new car he thought would be unique but now sees all over town.

With this new found obsession I thought I’d shead some light on the fine print. It’s time to play myth-buster! Ok…maybe “myth” is a bit dramatic but I’ve only 1/2 way through my first cup of coffee, and even though it’s summer, have to have all three boys and myself presentable and out the door by 8am…so I’m short on creativity and big words.

It’s really annoying to see a fabulous print ad, in a major beauty magazine, only to realize that the miraculous claims and photos are seemably only acheivable via a miracle. Yes, it’s true. Just check the fine print below the actress with the amazingly long, lush lashes. I noticed an advert featuring Drew Barrymore and her lashes yesterday. Below it mentions that they have added lashes to her for the look. Kinda makes you mentally point and think “liar, liar, pants on fire”. And if THAT phenomenon could occur many of the big ad agencies and beauty companies would be quickly learning where their OSHA required fire extinguishers are located.

In the coming days, maybe even weeks, I’ll be looking for and telling you about the “pants on fire” products, sharing the truths and even recommending products I’ve tried and experienced success with. I’ll be sharing insights from dermatologists and beauty experts from around the country. Let’s get to the bottom of this and start reversing, slimming and looking younger faster. 😉