Fine Print – Lashes

It seems that a large percentage of advertisements contain extremely fine print that tells the truth about the convincing pictures. Mascara advertisements are everywhere claiming volume, lengthening, fattening, etc. But do the products actually produce such results or do you just have to waste loads of cash to find the truth? Luckily you have the hauteness to do a lot of the investigating for you, but we know you’re still going to fall for some of the hype.

Take a recent CoverGirl advert featuring Drew Barrymore and the new formula claiming to volumize and lengthen. Drew’s lashes (and everythign else about the beauty) look phenomenal! Then you read the very small print to find that they added “lash count” before applying the mascara. Turn a few pages to the next ad and you see her normal lashes, not so long nor volumized.
Make no mistake, this is not an attack on CoverGirl because they have some mascaras , and other products, that I really love. It’s these ads that drive me crazy.
How about an ad showing Drew’s lashes before and after? Probably not dramatic enough for print.
I’ve not found a mascara that magically lengthens or thickens my lashes. What I have found is a particular formula that goes on well paired with a good brush.
My advice….look for the type of brush you like. I much prefer a curved brush to reach more lashes in one swipe.
An inexpensive brand like Maybelline and their Stiletto line has a great brush. However after a while the formula seems to be clumping and drying. Whereas a slightly higher cost mascara like my Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For product seems to last longer without clumping and needing replaced too soon. The brush is not curved, but it’s still made well. So I alternate between the two.

Often a product will seem to lengthen or thicken because you have very light colored lashes. If you want length and thickness, you need a product to do that for you. Then many of the mascaras look fantastic and you merely need to find the brush you love.

Moral of the story…read the fine print, spend some time in the shopping aisle looking at brush shape and test. I love Walgreens for sales on cosmetics. There is almost always an offer of “buy one get one 50% off” where you can grab a few different items to test without so much waste. Shop smart my ladies!