Runway Reality

Some deluded people I know think I have this glamourous life filled with cocktail parties, fashion shows, trying out new makeup products and attending shopping parties.  In reality I’m lucky to get out once a month.  The makeup part…well that’s sort of true since I recently attended a huge beauty industry event in NYC.  For the most part it’s a lot of computering and scheduling.

Last night I departed from my regular role as slacking housewife/mom and mediocre online editor, to back stage coordinator at a fashion show.  I’d say “coordinator” was putting it a bit strongly.  More like, “she who runneth to and fro in 3″ heels mostly shouting”.  Not only were we practicing for a fashion show, but this very special event was also when 20 up and coming Midwest designers were judged on their creations, interviewed for the fashion show video and more. 

The evening was a dose of Runway Reality for many in attendance.  What you see in the front of house sitting in the chair at a fashion show is usually 30 minutes of perfectly timed models, music and video.  The reality is that even a small show can take 8 hours just to practice and prepare models for.  There is a LOT of standing around and waiting, either for your turn to get your hair done, your turn to dress your models,  your turn to boss another person around….So while it looks glamourous from your vantage point, know that it’s not always so.  Not that I’d trade it….just stop telling me how lucky I am because I still have to go home and do laundry, pay bills, tuck in my monsters, etc  just as you do. 😉

I owe a huge thanks to many people.  The students from Art Institute International who help me corral models, the hair and makeup teams and all the volunteers.   That emcompasses about 50 people, so I’ll get around to recognising each individually, hopefully prior to Halloween.


What:  obtain items from the Goodwill store that can be embellished and remade into a line of clothing.  ALL of it needs to come from Goodwill save a few embellishments.  Not easy.

Why: Restyle Runway.  A charity fashion show and designer competition focusing on reusing and recycling.  The cause: Friends of JCDS (Johnson County Developmental Supports)-building resources for people with disabilities.  An amazing program  that I hope you will take a moment to look up online and become a fan of on Facebook.  Getting ramps for people in wheelchairs, daily assistance in homes, and gaining employment are just a few of the services JCDS can provide.

Tickets to Restyle Runway are $75 and include one drink ticket, appetizers and fashion show.  It is for a great cause and I can promise you a very fun fashion show!  Buy tickets at bottom of this page

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