Color Inspiration

Have you been spending a lot of time in the closet trying to decide what to wear?  My closet seems to be a black hole which, upon entry, immediately starts to drain my brain of all free thought.  I stand, rummage through, come away with nothing but a blank stare. 

This weekend I was tooling around in the garden and a brilliant (my story…I say brilliant) idea came to mind.  The flowers in my gardens seem to come up one set at a time.  First yellow daffodils, then tulips – only this year the frost got them so only one red tulip appeared, then the fragrant lilac bush.  Such beautiful colors and a new one appearing every few days.  Then it hit me.  Today the lilacs made me smile with their lovely scent, so I would wear something lilac.  Ok…maybe not brilliant idea but much easier to head to the closet with clear idea in mind.  So I have decided that the new blooms will help determine my color choices each day.  Now I head to the closet with purpose and a tad bit of confidence.

But what should I do if none of my clothes are the color of the day?!?” you cry?  I have you covered peeps.  The only lilac item I had was a burn out t-shirt and that just would do for the day’s activities.  I rummaged through the depths of the cosmetics cabinet and found a fabulous lilac nail polish with a chrome-like effect.  it’s probably a bazillion years old because I haven’t found it on the net yet, but I did find a sale.  Select Revlon nail products on sale Buy One Get One 50% off at 

If you blank-out upon closet entry, head to nearest window and choose a color.  If you have been wearing green for three straight days, find another window 🙂

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