Haute Market 2010

Save the date!
Feb 21st, Sunday 12-5pm.
Football is finished and we deserve some payback sistas!

Haute Market shopping parties are not for the faint of heart. This is 4-5 hours of power shopping with your girlfriends with energetic music pumping in the background, cash bars to keep your whistle wet, and dozens of Kansas City’s best boutiques and designers all under one roof!

How to handle Haute Market:
1) comfortable shoes are often ugly, get some Foot Petals for those Haute Hot shoes and strut in style and comfort (see below for tips from a pro).

2)Have the 3 C’s ready: cash, credit cards and checks. Most of our vendors take all three, a few only cash and check.

3)an extra stash of cash just for the cash bar. the Haute Pink Martini’s are divine (drink responsibly. I have enough problems keeping the intern sober, I’m not babysitting you too).

4) LEAVE ALL MUNCHKINS AT HOME!!! This is 21 & over event. I love my kids but I need some grown up time away from them…so don’t ruin my fun and bring yours. Not in a stroller, not on a leash, not in a house not with a mouse.

5) Get a ticket ahead of time either online http://www.hautemarket.com/ or visit the Vendor tab on the Event page to find other stores and designers who have tickets for sale.

Now some tips for your feet:

Tina Aldatz, certified pedorthist and creator of Foot Petals (http://www.footpetals.com/), has some great tips and tricks for women as we say goodbye to our flip flops and flats and get ready for fall boots and heels!

Proper fit is key
o Shoes should not gap around the top edges
· Try adding Foot Petals Killer Kushionz to help keep the foot in place and absorb shock
o Heels should fit snugly and not slip or slide freely inside the shoe
· Foot Petals Haute Heelz and Heavenly Heelz will keep feet fitting properly in shoes (great for platforms) and also help prevent blisters
o The ball of the foot should fit into the widest part of the shoe
· Foot Petals Tip Toes will cushion the ball of foot and stop feet from sliding forward
o It is better to go up a size and add cushioning than to squeeze your foot into a too small shoe
o Doubling up on Foot Petals products help to fill the gaps and offer exceptional comfort

Dangers of improper fit
o Tight fit around toes
· Can lead to calluses, corns and eventually bunions
o Loose fitting heels
· Can lead to blisters on skin
· Can cause instability when walking and cause ankle injury (especially in platforms and high heeled boots)

Thanks Tina! Wise words, great feet!