Cyber interview with HydroPeptide Founder

We shared some of your questions with HydroPeptide’s founder, Dr. Louise Peck.

1. What is a peptide and why is it so important for it to boost collagen?

Peptides are small protein fragments that nourish, repair, and send neural-messages. They’re basically cell communicators that can naturally stimulate diminished collagen and other important skin tissues as well as relax repetitive wrinkle-causing facial expressions. You may be surprised to learn that peptides are one of the most expensive raw materials used in anti-aging skin care.
Why is it important to boost collagen? Collagen naturally diminishes as we age. Different peptides have the ability to stimulate different types of collagen, elastin, and other parts of the skin matrix. Diminishing collagen is a major cause of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. How quickly can a peptide product work to see results, typically?

Peptides begin to go to work immediately. However, because peptides stimulate your own collagen production, visible results are noticeable after a complete skin cell cycle. The average skin cell cycle turnover is 28 days, but can take up to 45 days in older individuals. Your skin will look amazing from the first time you use HydroPeptide, but expect to see fine lines and wrinkles to start disappearing in around 4 weeks.

3. What are dark circles caused by?

Dark circles are caused by leaking capillaries. As capillaries age or you become stressed (there are also other factors), they leak hemoglobin with collects underneath the thin skin under your eyes. This causes dark circles.

4. What is a product/chemical/ingredient (besides alcohol) that we should avoid using on skin? Particularly face?

These always depend on your skin type, but people with sensitive skin should avoid retinol and retinoid. These can irritate sensitive skin. I would also avoid prostaglandin. Prostaglandin is a drug used in eye lash growth products that can permanently discolor the iris and have other permanent side effects.

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In 2004, HydroPeptide became the first skin care company to incorporate peptides into every product. Currently, the HydroPeptide collection includes 19 different peptides to boost collagen and fight wrinkles. The HydroPeptide Polish and Plump Peel recently won Fitness Magazine’s Beauty Award for “BEST skin refresher” and the HydroPeptide Eye Anti-Wrinkle Dark Circle Concentrate is the winner of a 2009 DAYSPA Editors’ Choice Award for best eye cream.