Ranting and returning

Today, for the first time ever, I returned makeup to the store. Usually I’ll just chalk it up to a poor choice and toss it out. Not this time.

First of all, I bought this new mascara because it was supposed to be on sale. I didn’t realize until returning home that I paid full price.
So I planned to return to the store and find out what the deal was on not getting my deal.
But yesterday I got desperate. Sick and sickly looking I did one last check in the review mirror on the way to a meeting and, ACK – no mascara. Not good for an already pasty face.

There was my No-deal mascara sitting next to me in the passenger seat. Should I open it? Should I stop and buy mascara on the way that I normally use? “Screw it” I said to myself and the mascara as I ripped open the packaging.

Now, being the smart non-blonde that I am, it took me a few cuss words and minutes to figure out how to open it. For some reason this futuristic container threw me.
I applied the first coat for priming. Ok. That’s fine.

Never before have I put on makeup and said “WTF” outloud, to myself. But that was the conversation I had with me, myself and I as I looked at this mascara wand. Seriously? THIS is going to volumize my lashes?
All it did was make a clumpy mess and did nothing for lengthening.
I was ticked.
So today, I finally returned to the store to get my $14.51 back and bought some Dr. Pepper with it instead.
I will stick with my curved brushes with loads of lovely bristles.