Project Runway is back!

It’s finally back! Project Runway buzz is in full swing and already creating quite a stir. Unfortunately not so much here in Kansas City as our hometown girl was booted on the first episode for her failure to take her out-there concepts and “make it work“. That sort of look is great for the 18th Street show and those wanting to be seen as “artists”. When you’re playing with the big boys it’s a different set of rules.

Creating items you would give your right arm for is what Christopher seems prepared and able to do. His first look was so fantastic with it’s beautiful texture and absolute wearable design. Let’s hope that wasn’t a one-hit-wonder and that we’ll see many more pretties coming from this young man from Minnesota.

I do think this was probably the easiest challenge as it’s so obvious what to make. If you want to be a big name designer you’ve studied red carpet looks and creating one should be something you’ve practiced before even going on Project Runway. Play time is over kids. Now it gets serious.

Want to do more than watch the show from your couch potato position? You can rate the runway – giving ratings to the looks presented by the designers. Watch videos and hometown visits for each of the designers. There is a blog, cut-clips and so much more.

I already have my eye on 3 or 4 designers but not quite ready to put money on them until after next week’s challenge. Plus…those who have been booted have been spotted so our peeps with insider know-how will keep us Hauties informed, but now, we’re not going to spoil it for you.