For some of us, Friday is still a school day this week and therefore qualifies as TGIF. My friends just to to the east a few blocks have a different school district and therefore have their sweet little monsters already off for Spring Break. Good luck with that girls! 😉
Don’t look to me for kids activity ideas and advice. I throw mine outside with a cardboard box and tell them to get on with it…mommy has to “work”.

But since it’s Friday I don’t feel much like working (not so different from most days really) and so I thought I’d put a call out to my loyal fashionistas to supply me with some writing material. Tell me what products you’ve tried and loved, or hated. Beauty products can cost a fortune so none of us needs to waste money on crap that doesn’t work, stinks, turns us orange or doesn’t actually give us a “face lift at home”.

Share and share alike my friends.
Next week in the weekly e-newsletter we’ll share more reviews about self-tanning products. I loaned a few bottles to a fashionable friend and she’s got some dishing to do.
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