Resolution No More

Hello fellow fashion mavens! Wow. It’s already the last day of 2008. What fabulous plans do you have for today? Rather than concentrating on starting anew tomorrow, I plan to take this day to relax a bit more and work a bit less.

Long ago I made a resolution to stop making New Year’s resolutions. It’s worked out just fine and I don’t experience the regret and failure that so many do by March (or Jan. 15th if you suck at it like I do).
If there is something you want to better in your life…just do it. No need to wait for a significant date.

Want to stop smoking? By god do it now please. Your puffing makes my hair stink and me fearful of wearing designer clothing for a night on the town.
Need to lose weight? Put down the Christmas pudding and walk away slowly. Or quickly rather. Might as well start burning calories when you can.

I’m not one to preach “make the most of each day“, “try to find something positive in every trial“, etc. I’m more of the school of thought that says “stop your bitching and do something about it because you’re giving me a headache“.

Rather than grand resolutions I take little baby steps such as:
~I will do my best to look presentable when I leave the house because if I don’t I will most definitely run into someone I know.
~I will do my best to not scream at the boys so much. It gives me more wrinkle lines and I can’t afford the constant upkeep. The boys ignore my screaming anyway…so what’s the point?
~I will keep trying to do little things so my friends know that I appreciate them. I’m not a big hugger but I can send a cute card for no particular reason.

So do your thing, do it well, and take care of yourself.
Hey..I’ve never claimed to be wise.
😉 Jennifer

(photo of Dec. 4th Haute Market shopping party vendors and some of my greatest girlfriends! – courtesy of TL Goodwin photography)