New Years Eve plans?

For the first time since having children, we have secured a babysitter for New Year’s Eve.
In years passed we found it easier and less expensive to host a fabulous party in our home with great amounts of food and liquid libations – one year we even enjoyed the performance of a friend who could do an amazing Frank Sinatra impersonation.

During any given NYE either my best friend or I was pregnant and therefore it was pointless to pay loads of dough for all night drinking that we could not enjoy.
Instead we’ve enjoyed the safety and convenience of partying at home for 9 years.

Oh my goodness…nine years.
The children of our group now outnumber the adults 2 to 1. It’s time to end the tradition and start anew. But where? The city has so many fine NYE parties.

My friend Drew, of DREW6, is excited to be playing at Kansas City’s famous Hyatt New Year’s Eve party. Tickets start at $79 per person.

“The Black Party V” is hosted by Californos in Westport, MO, costs start at $85 per person/ $160 couple.

Pierpont’s at Union Station , KC MO. Offering a 4-course prix-fixe menu, ($60).

Seven Downtown KC MO. serving regular menu as well as delectable special, created by Chef Perkins, incl. prime rib, stuffed dover sole, & many other delicious specials.

Trezo Vino Wine Bistro, Leawood, KS. Offer traditional menu as well as a unique 6-course New Year’s Eve selection prepared by our Executive Chef, Michael Peterson, ($100/couple).

Yia Yia’s Euro Bistro – Overland Park Offering regular menu plus a special 3-course menu. Choose all 3 courses for $39.50 or you can buy each individually.

I’m going to check out Trezo Vino. It’s a wine bar, and that’s pretty much “our thing”. Plus it’s close. As much as I’d love to be at the Hyatt…that will have to wait until we have an overnight babysitter so we can enjoy the libations and a cozy hotel room to stumble to at night’s end.

Have a safe and happy New Year everyone!