Bag Bargains

Good morning fashionistas. My friends at Avelle (the new Bag Borrow or Steal) sent me an email last night about a fab sale starting today!
Of course I had to take a peek to pick what I want before anyone else knew about the sale 🙂

Normally I’m not a COACH fan because we’re so saturated with the brand where I live that I’m just plain tired of seeing it. But this beautiful bangle is too hard to resist.
Since it doesn’t have the C’s all over (and not so subject to bad copies being worn all over town – I’ll skip my soapbox today about carrying copies).

This bangle is chic and a bit edgy, plus it’s on sale so that right there seals the deal. If you create a login at Bag Borrow or Steal, you have can use the Wish List feature. Then just share that login info with your hubby as a big fat hint to what you want for Christmas. Easy and more certain that you get what you want, instead of cheap perfume he and the kids pick out at SUPERSTORE.